You will work for 2

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 1:39 am

I did say that.  It was meant as a joke but I think it really happened.  We did a double booking that day, one person in the morning, one in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, the morning model could not come so I quickly texted Naomi to let her know she could arrive earlier.

I worked with Naomi before.  The 1st shoot we did was an outdoor, on location.  Things went very well back then so I had good expectations for a studio shoot.  Naomi came very prepared with more clothes than I ever seen models arriving with.  This was a good thing.  Especially in studio where once I got the shot I was looking for on a backdrop, I tend to move on to something else.  Being surrounded by 4 walls, the something else leans toward the model’s attitude.  Model’s attitude and wardrobe goes along so there was plenty attitudes in Naomi’s bags.

While Julia worked on the makeup, I finished setting up the place.  For some reasons, I really slacked off in the morning.  I had 5 hours to kiil and instead of putting together the softboxes and lights, Julia and I went through portfolios and stories behind shootings.  I now know that Julia would not be a good candidate if I ever need a MUA at motel Pierre where mystery brown water leaks from the bathroom’s ceiling.  I had already plans to shoot on white seamless and on the bare walls.  In addition, I mounted 2 fabric backdrops.

The 2 fabric backdrops are also cheap avenues to bring variety into a shoot.  The one that looks like wall paper was about 40$ and the shag about 70$. Well maintained, these will last a long time.  Stick that up somewhere and you just changed the “shoot on white” routine for a moment.

We shot for about 3 hours, pretty nonstop.  We went through all 4 setups a few times, got through 3 different outfits and a few makeup changes.  I really like the 1st set we did because it was the simplest possible setup we could come up with: one natural looking girl, a quickly put together everyday outfit, a white wall, and 1 light.  This is the kind of thing that can be simply done just anywhere.  This was also the 1st shoot where I did not swap my lens, ever.  Everything was shot with the 85mm 1.8 which is a relatively inexpensive lens.

By 4pm we were done.  It felt like everything was done.   I felt exhausted and I could imagine Naomi was too.   She did work for 2.













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  1. Vincent says:

    Trop bon! Un jour, il faudra que tu me donnes un cours de traitement! Naomi est formidable aussi!

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