What a year!

Posted on Friday, December 17th, 2010 at 11:21 am

What a year

What a year it was.  I picked up photography a few years ago.  I got a bit more into it when I quit downhill mountain biking (I actually though it would be less expensive; was I living in a fantasy world or what?).  I was always attracted by black and white and night photography and found comfort into it.  I liked it for the alone time I was getting out of it.  I have always been that type of person.  I don’t look for crowds; I am well, doing my own things.  Earlier this year, I found myself losing a bit of photography drive.  I was making plans to go out shoot but always found the perfect excuse not to go.  It wasn’t like I was letting people down; only me.  What was going on?  I was letting slip away something I liked, again.  Something needed to change, be rethought or abandoned.

Shooting flowers? Euh…

Animal photography?  Sitting for hours immobile waiting for something to happen…

Macro bugs?  Meh…

Let’s do something with people.  My friend Vince was running out of time to pursue his wild landscape photography trips and turned to portraiture and strobist a while back and he seemed to like it.  Maybe that was the change needed.  I registered to an organized studio photoshoot back in April and things changed.  Things changed a lot.  The drive came back.  I can say that 2010 was my real photography year.  I never eat photography like I did this year.  Everything became ABOUT photography.  Got friend with other photographers, models, makeup artists, got a website, redid my photography blog to be that, a photography blog which gets more visits than I could imagine, then got a 2nd blog called 1 Hour Photo, followed workshops, read about photography and photographers, got one of my images on a music CD cover, organized shoots in remote and abandoned locations, assisted another photographer on shoots and then shot the images that would be used on the walls of the Mont Rigaud Ski Lodge.

It has been an amazing year on the photography side of it.  The nice thing about it is that it wasn’t a new start.  All I learned in the past years doing night photos and black and white images was still applicable this year, even when shooting people.  Rather than being a new start, it was just a stop at the gas station to refuel, pick up a coffee and take a breath of fresh air, and then a left turn instead of driving strait while tossing the GPS out the window.   After all, the trip can be so more interesting than the destination when you have no clue where you are going.

Happy Holidays to everyone, enjoy the madness of the Christmas shopping, don’t abuse the good stuff and keep your cool no matter what happens; I know it can be hard…

Credits for this year:

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Responses (3)

  1. Loved the slideshow… amazing what you’ve accomplished in just a year isn’t it? I remember when I first met you and you showed me a shot of garbage (coffee cups?) on the floor of a garage at night… and now look where you are! You’ve come a long way baby!! Glad that I was able to be there for part of the trip :-)

  2. Andrea says:

    Stephane, congratulations on a great year!

    Keep it up! :-)

  3. madyna says:

    Wowwww ! Stéphane j’en reviens toujours pas que les photos que tu as prises au Studio 4fun de moi et de tous les autres faisaient parties de tes premières photos portraits !! Ton site est excellent, ça fait honneur à ta créativité et à la qualité de tes photos…

    Merci beaucoup pour l’expérience et j’espère que l’on puisse prochainement recommencer à nouveau !

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