Shooting at the D-Clic Photo and Video show

Posted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 4:27 pm

I was invited by Hai Au Bui, founder of Studio4Fun, to use their temporary facilities installed in collaboration with Booth Photographic at the Montreal D-Clic show. I kind of felt honoured to be on their potential photographers list, considering I had only worked with models a handful of times (officially twice) and never with true professional grade lighting equipment! I felt a bit more relax knowing I was shooting right after Vincent Lamoureux, on which I would be able to learn a thing or 2 by osmosis.

I showed up there, not knowing what I would be really facing with. A 10’X10″ dedicated floor space with 3 different 4′ wide backdrops, 3 or 4 strobes with barn doors and softboxes (lighting equipment and reflectors were provided by Booth Photographic) and a few relectors; plenty enough to have fun for a few hours, right? We were blessed with the presence of, right next to us, recruiting models for their agency services. What do models and aspiring models want to do when they sign up with them? They want to get to work!

During the 2 hours I was there, I had the chance to work with 3 models: Maude, Tania and Jessica. All 3 were great models to work with and were very receptive to shooting style proposals.

It was a bit nerve wrecking at times. You end up having that one-on-one photo session with a model, while 8 to 10 other people with cameras stand behind you trying to get the shot too. You start to wonder what they are thinking about; “Why did he put that light there?”, “Why is he shooting from that angle?”, “A 17-40mm lens! The model will be distorted..”. But then you turn around and notice that many are shooting in auto mode and you realize you are not the worse of the bunch.. (come on, everyone is looking for someone worse than them in a group…).

That was a great enjoyable day. Although the environment would be considered as a controlled one, it became a challenge from all the many changing variables such as loosing 2 lights and the big reflector (required for a Booth Photographic presentation) when you are about to do the setup you spent 20 minutes thinking about and have to come up with a plan B quickly. Or when a strobe decides it won’t fire anymore because you did not read the manual.. (Thanks to Jean-Francois O’Kane from Booth Photographic for the explanation about what we were doing wrong). That’s all good; where’s the fun without a few twists?

I am glad I had that opportunity. Someone told me I was completely stepping away from my signature style. I see it as walking into diversity. What’s the point deciding on your signature unless you tried what is available to you? I think that is the luxury you get mostly, if not only, when you are an amateur photographer. By working with more fashion oriented photography, I had to adapt my post processing workflow with new techniques which I ended up using when I did my “Back to the roots” shots. Plus, you get to have 18 year old women staring at you, which has not been that frequent for me over the past 17 years 😉


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