She owned the street

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Heavy rain was in the forecast last Saturday.  I had to cancel a commercial shoot because of the possible weather.  It can be had to be an outdoor shooter when the needed results are totally dependent on the weather.  It was not all lost though; Abla needed a shoot in the rain.  We looked into the concept with Nathy for the makeup, decided on a location.  The morning was promising.  I got up at 5am because of another insomnia episode I was going through and it was raining.  By 6am, it wasn’t raining anymore.  Great! (please note this is sarcasm because it has not rained at all in the morning, got even sunny which means I could have done the other shoot).  I got to Abla’s place and by the time we were ready to leave, it felt like we would need sun block lotion.  Damn you weather channel!!


Abla planned well.  She brought 2 outfits; one for the rain and one for the, well, non-rain.   We headed toward Crescent Street, corner Ste-Catherine.  We did a quick flash setup in an empty parking lot but it took only a few frames before I decided to move on elsewhere.  When we left the parking lot, the rain started.  Hope settled in.  Quick, let’s finish this outfit and get you changed for the other fold of the shoot.  At that time I was only shooting with available light.  It was still quite bright and the umbrella acted as a nice diffuser.  We were then done and… so was the rain.  We started walking on Ste-Catherine for more street shots.  Now of course, the ground is cover with the thin layer of water shining the bright sun coming out straight in my camera.  Just when you thought you had the right exposure nailed, here came a cloud making everything dark.  I knew I was getting good images but not as many as I thought I should get.  It had nothing to do with Abla or Nathy.


Half way through the shoot, we knew we would not be shooting in the rain.  There was no way there would be enough pouring down on us to give the effect we were looking for.  Nathy and Abla decided to move ahead on the second makeup anyway.  While they were sitting in the truck, I kept looking around.  The sky was getting really contrasty, the ambiance was getting dark.  The next images would be totally different.  For this shoot, I did not feel like cranking the ISO too high so I would need to depend on a studio flash.  I would have liked to pull out the 72 inch softbox but Crescent Street ain’t really the place for that and the wind that was coming up the street would have killed it in seconds.  It was time to put the Apollo 28 to the test and use Nathy as a counterweight (you need a good Makeup Artist AND lighting assistant, Nathy is your girl).  We shot right next to the tuck, on Crescent.  I really mean ON Crescent.  Kids, don’t do this at home.  We are not professionals, just inconsiderate about our own safety.


The funny thing is when we left Abla’s place to go to the shoot; we were talking about crowd intimidation.  Abla likes the attention and good vides she gets from the people around her, Nathy admitted she can find it intimidating to a point she used to practically black out.  When they asked me how I was dealing with the public attention when shooting in public spaces, I said that I did not care because all the attention was normally on the model anyway.  I could be dressed as a clown and no one would notice.  I was right.  We were literally blocking the traffic between each traffic lights.  We got only 1 car that honked at us and when Abla turned around and threw a smile at the driver; it was all the sudden forgiven.  All other cars would just stop behind Abla, probably enjoying the scene and carried on when we were allowing them to drive by, just like she owned that street.

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