She must have seen me coming from a mile away

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 2:30 pm

During my last vacations, we started what was hopefully going to be the finishing touch on the basement washroom. We started building this room 8 years ago, just before I started the demolition of the one and only bathroom we had in the house. All the room was missing for the past 8 years was a ceiling (I know, and a closet door; give me a few more years…).

So, on the last weekend of my vacations, I decided that now was the time. I put up the ceiling, new lights, fixed the vent, isolated the plumbing. The room looked nice with the shower overhead lighting and the new shower curtain. I hate shower curtain. When you take a hot shower, it always come back on you because of the hot and cold air transfer. You end up fighting with it. I threw the idea that we should have glass doors instead. On the following day, after 4 hours of work, the clear glass doors were installed. When my son and daughter finally realized I was not joking when I said we could now see people in the shower, they freaked out a little… “You’re gonna put back the curtain in front if the door, right?”. “You’re gonna fix the lock on the door, RIGHT!!??”. My answer was simply that if everyone knocks on the door before walking in, no one will be surprised. For some reasons I think Anne-Marie knew I would have a very selective knocking pattern…

We’ve been married for ages now. We got married when I was 19, I am 35 right now so I guess that makes it 16 years. And to think some people were not giving us more than a year or 2 together; IN YOUR FACE! After 16 years, you get to know your other half’s habits. Being a guy and knowing she is in a room and there is a potential where clothing might be missing, I walk in. I think all guys do that unless they still live with their mom. When I walked in with the camera, all she said from behind the shower doors was “Ah! Come on…!!”. Deep down, I am sure she was expecting that, the minute we picked up that doors set at Home Depot. I snapped a 1st picture without putting any thoughts into it, simply to annoy her, knowing it would not even make it to the computer. When I looked at the LCD screen, well, I thought I should wait a bit before hitting the delete button. After a bit of convincing that the shots were working great and that I was not simply shooting her breasts, Anne-Marie seemed a bit more relaxed.

Although she was still not convinced that pictures of her in a shower was a good idea, she was still curious to know if I had worked on a few. I showed her 2 photos which I like a lot (the black and white and the one she is facing the camera strait).

She said: “You’re not going to blog that, are you?”. After 16 years of marriage, I am sure she already knew the answer.




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