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Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Camille is one tough cookie.  I was approached to host a one day internship for one of my son’s friends looking to become a photographer.  She asked me if she could assist me on a shoot, on a specific day.  Having nothing planned that day; I contacted Camille and asked her if she wanted to tag along.  Of course, when I contacted her with the inspiration board, I forgot to take into account the internship was in mid-November, outside…

I woke up with frost on the car.  I had plan B prepared already.  The house was set to be used as a studio.  Caro, the intern, met me at my place since I live across the street from the school.  We had a brief discussion around what would be happening during the day and we headed off to pick up Camille.  Caro got a glimpse of what preparing an on-location shoot was like.  First off with the obviously terribly cold weather, then trying to meet someone when transportations are playing against you.  The train Camille was on never made it to destination so we had to manage.  This threw off the shoot a bit as we were supposed to meet in Vaudreuil and ended up meeting in Pointe-Claire.  In order to keep the sun angle we were supposed to have, we needed to shoot in Pointe-Claire.  Getting back to Vaudreuil would have set us back too much.  It was a good opportunity to test drive the pedestrian bridge I drove by so many times.  We needed to shoot fast; I was not legally parked (I think) and the temperature was just above the freezing point.  The bridge was not the best of locations but it did serve the purpose of getting into the right shooting mood.

We drove back home for a quick clothing change and then drove to the 2nd location.  I had shot there earlier this summer already.  Given the cold, I did not want to lose too much time scouting.  The light was falling just right.  It was still morning and the sun was not too high, hitting roughly in a 40 degree angle.  The wind was minimal which was helpful for Camille who was dressed in lace.  We did a quick 3 stages shoot before calling it quit on the cold outside.  It was time for plan B.

Back home, after lunch, we talked about the 2 different setups I was going for.  I did not want to pull out the roll of paper and opted instead for a plain grey wall.  The idea was also to keep it very simple for Caro and use solutions she could also have back home.  I thought it would be nice for her to know she can work with minimal material.  All I used was one flash at any time.  We were shooting on a budget.  We used an empty 100sq.ft room for the 1st setup.  The walls are grey with a slight tint of blue in them.  We did different lighting techniques in there, using the beauty dish for some and the bare light for the others.  We finished up in the living room, in front of a 1.50$ sheet of foil I had used before with Geneviève.  By 2pm, we were done.  I explained to Caro what would be happening next, the image selection based on what we were shooting for, the processing, the delivery and the public posting.

I love working with Camille.  This was our 3rd true collaboration, if we don’t count in our first encounter where I basically drove-by-shot her.  Her ability to set her mind into the photoshoot made the weather unimportant.  We were working in unorthodox locations, used minimal equipment, worked in tiny spaces, used backdrops made for anything but that.  Every time, she posed with trust that I was seeing something, that something would happen.  The way she works, she makes it easy.

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  1. Victoria says:

    These shots are gorgeous Steph! Leave it to you to make something out of nothing… and kudos to Camille for wearing that outfit outside at that temperature. What a total trooper!!

    Is that last shot the one where you used the foil? If so, LOVE the look it creates.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks Vic.

      Yes, the last shot is the one where I used the foil. It is a thermal blanket (the ones you find in the 1st aid kits). It stands about 4ft behind Camille.

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