Scorching heat and fur coats

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 9:08 am

This will be a short one.  My hat goes off to all those model pushing physical limits to pull interesting shots.  Whoever says it is easy to stand in front of a lens is a fool.  OK, sometimes can be easier than others but wearing a fur coat under the mid July afternoon sun at 30 degrees Celsius, this is tough!  Yet, she made it look easy!

It was my 2nd shoot with Nancy.  Vince and I were scheduled to shoot with her.  I had booked another model (blog post coming up soon) so we could be shooting simultaneously.  Vince and I arrived a bit earlier and went on a scouting route.  We had little time to shoot as Nancy and Andrew (Nancy’s boyfriend, sorry guys…) were heading off to the Als games after the shoot.  Because of that, we decided to play it safe.  Safe means a place we know, a place we know what it will look like and a place we know we will be able to work in; Smith Street.  Talk about a low traffic jewel.  Not everywhere in Montreal you can set a light stand and lay on you back in the middle of the street without fear of being ran over.  Smith Street was available so we went back to our rendezvous point to meet and greet Nancy and Andrew.

I setup quickly and started up with Nancy.  We must have had about 40 minutes together.  I made sure to setup in a place that would give me a few different setups with minimal travel distance.  This was perfect but tight; one side had a transport container covered with splashes of paint and a brick wall on the other side.  I say it was tight because I wanted to stay away from the wide angles for that shoot.  My intentions were to keep tight focus on Nancy and not spill out of the containing.  The brick wall had windows, breaking the brick repeating pattern I wanted to keep.  For that, I stuck the 70-200 on the 5DmkII.  At 70, to do a full length, I had to press my head against the wall behind me.  It was this tight but worth the contortions.

So now I have Nancy the glamour country side girl and Nancy the burlesque bodysuit and fur wearing bombshell in the back alley.  Maybe next time it will be Nancy the spacegirl in the jungle, who knows?

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