Road Trip!

Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Last weekend we headed to Quebec City.  It was the 1st long distance concept export Hai Au was attempting with the Grande Séance.  The last 3 GS were rehearsals to see how we could fit the event in a 20ft truck and drag it with us over roughly 600KM.  Mission accomplished.

The whole logistics went like a charm.  We were able to set the place up in a record time, same with the dismantlement.  We got to meet new people since most of the participants had never participated before.  There was a certain energy floating in the gymnasium like we had not seen in a while.  The Grande Séance had a new car smell.

Photo wise, I was a bit lost.  I wanted to do something similar to last week.  Having not seen the gym before Sunday, I decided to stick with the same kit.  The gym did not have a beaten up chalkboard so I opted to a piece of leftover paper roll taped to the wall to make is a plain white smooth surface that I would hit strait on with the flash.  Since there were fewer models than photographers, I committed to work no more than one or two minute with them.  Half way through my short term project, I was not convinced I was doing the right thing but it was a bit too late to start over so I kept going.  Back home, I looked at the photos, unsure what could be done with them.  I was really getting into a salvation mode which I don’t normally have to.  I think my problem was that I tried something without having a practice run 1st; I was winging it.  It’s ok, many people are attending the Grande Séance to wing it, not knowing what to expect.  I still committed to post those photos.  May this be a testimonial to all wingers winging out there.

This edition of the Grande Séance got us the volunteers a bit closer I think.  The fact we were stuck in a car for that long, then worked together, went drinking together, eating together, drinking again together, sleeping together, in separate beds that is (gosh you have twisted minds, although Davis and Charles have a very romantic setting next door, and had a certain morning glow the next day, just saying…).  Over the weekend, I have learned about Benoit’s “my body is a temple” thing, Charles is not talkative in a car, Marie-Claude’s emits more noises than words when she has a voice extinction, Davis accepts the fact people applaud when he comes back from the washroom without really asking questions, Bob’s worst enemy when walking is gravity, and Hai Au makes a very bad Vietnamese impression…  As for me, I think Benoit learned the hard way that sharing a room with me is like sharing a room with a mistuned John Deer engine.

I am ready for another long distance event.  We went east, we should go west now.  ROAD TRIP!

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