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Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Camille called me on Monday.  She needed an emergency photo shoot to update her z-card in preparation for the upcoming fashion shows in Montreal.  Camille has been modeling for years and needed photos showing more her silhouette than the ones she already had.  The photos needed to be executed, processed and delivered by the end of the week.  Being both busy during the week, I looked around the house and asked if she could drop by my place.

Last year, I started planning a home studio but summer went by and it became complicated to execute during winter.  The studio never happened and now I was regretting it.  Luckily enough though, my living room has a 7 foot opening on the dining room giving me plenty of space to deploy the white seamless and shoot full length with the 85mm.  I pushed a few furniture around and voilà, home studio.   I managed to setup the 4X6ft softbox slightly angled on the right.  The idea was to setup 1 light and leave it there to avoid wasting time with lighting.  The more consistent you are with the lighting, the less time you will spend in post also.

We had only a couple of hours to do the shoot.  Camille put on her black body suit, stepped on the paper and we rapidly shot about a hundred frames.  She then slipped into her pink bustier and panties for another quick set.  We shot for 45 minutes and then headed to the computer, ran the photos once where Camille was calling the ones she liked.  Then a second time so she could call the keepers.  In the end, for the purpose of the shoot, 7 photos were retouched to be delivered right after the shoot.  In 2 hours flat, the whole process was done and 30 minutes later there were no more signs the house was used as a studio that night.

Camille was fantastic in front of the camera.  She understood the time constraint and did not lose any time by delivering a wide variety of poses to make sure we would have a selection to do.  She kept her focus on her agency’s needs and worked as the highly professional model she is.  This was our 2nd session and I am very convinced this experience will benefit the next collaboration I had already shared idea of with Camille.  I normally like longer photo sessions where there is time to experiment and let creativity flow but given the effective results we were able to deliver, I don’t mind a once in a while quick shoot.

Side note:  I have the best wife there is.  The shoot was happening while she was scheduled to work and given the nature of the clothing, she took the kids with her so no curious eyes would be peeking in.  I know a few photographers for who that does not work very well.  Thanks babe! 


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