Princess (or Keep looking – part deux)

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 7:00 pm

So, coming across that location near by the Purolator depot.  On the way back toward the highway, I noticed the Future Electronic building sorted look like a castle in the middle on a field.  It might have been a cloudy day as well because the scene looked surreal a little.  It reminded me for some reason the montage I was doing a few ago, using old PEI photos and it got me into the mood.  If there was going to be some sort of castle, there should be a princess.  Turns out that I have a Facebook friend would I was sure would be interested.  On weekends, she plays the Disney princesses at kids birthday parties.  I wanted to steer away from the cute and bubbly concept and stay away from the full blown “let’s do a princess and castle photo”.  Instead, I wanted to portray a modern building with a fashion flared model that could still carry the princess feel.

Ideally, since we were looking to do a darker looking scene, we would have needed some dark dramatic skies.  Unfortunately, the weather decided differently and gave us a bright blue sky.  We carried on.  Given the fact the sky was pretty even, it should be relatively easy to replace the deep blue sky with another one.  6 years ago on a vacation on Prince Edward Island, I shot a bunch of seascapes and surely there would be one or two that should fit in.

After figuring out the angles that would work for the shot and setting up the lights, we established the princess mindset and objectives, yes, like in movies.  Olivia got right into character.  The shoot went very well considering the multiple problems that could have happened.  I was a bit worried of using 2 Alien Bees at full power on one battery pack, one of which was running on a 50ft extension cord to go around the scene without showing.

Back home, the fun began.  The last time I had done composites such as these, I had an even horizon line, making the transitions easy.  Now, I had all this wild vegetation sticking out from everywhere.  It took a lot of trial and error to get the 1st image going.  Almost to a point was I was going to call it quit.  No matter how I would do it I always had edges or details missing.  I am no Photoshop master and you realize that quickly when you need to Google something that sounds complicated in your mind, and finish up finding out there is a tool, in the menus, doing it for you…  after doing the 2nd, the rest was relatively easy.  I can still see some areas that could have been worked better but I am ok with that.

So there you go, Olivia, the happy bubbly fairytale princess, subjected to a darker reality.


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  1. Hera Bell says:

    Now we are talking Steph. Simply fabulous.

    All the best,


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