Me and myself

Posted on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 4:52 pm
It has been raining hard this week and then we had that massive arctic air mass rolling in; 2 conditions where I don’t like to bring anything digital outside. I spent some time testing my new rechargeable batteries for my flashes and thought instead of flashing light at the wall, might as well shoot it on me.

I have 2 flash remote system; the Canon ST-E2 (IR) and the Cactus V.2 (RF) with each systems I can control 2 flashes, some in ETT-L and others manual. I like manual better for the control it gives you. I should be making the next images with my new RF-602 from Yongnuo system that I just ordered today (1 transmitter, 3 receivers). Hopefully I won’t have to do any mods like the Cactus needed.

Over time, I started to appreciate images of human subjects and as pleasant the fashion type of photography can be, I think it lacks emotions. I went with a dark mood. I have been told my images tend to be that way; why be different in a self portrait…



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