Like meeting an old friend

Posted on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at 12:56 pm

I am at a point where I have multiple shoots booked ahead of time.  It has been a while since I finished a shoot, looked at the calendar and realize I had nothing coming up.  I like it although it is a little bit tougher on the time management.  Some of those shoots are personal projects and fitting them within work, business, volunteering functions and family matters can sometimes be challenging.  I try as much as possible not to take more than I can chew up.  So far so good.  When Jenny asked me to take a portrait of her it felt different, more like getting together with a friend.

It’s funny because while scouting for our 1st shooting location, I asked the question


“How did we meet again?”


We had a shoot planned last year with a few photographer and models.  Jenny had a friend (Sandy) coming to that shoot and was asked if she wanted to come along.  On her way to my place, Sandy called Jenny to let her know she felt sick and could not make it.  Jenny was left with the decision to either cancel too and turn around or keep going by herself, going to a shoot where all the photographers and models had some sort of pre-established relations.  Jenny did not know any of us back then.

I am glad she kept driving.  I had the chance to take a few photos of her that day, then another session came up in the streets of Montreal at night and another one last weekend.  Every time we meet, it feels like meeting a friend.  Might be because this is what it is.


A few months ago, Jenny got an older tattoo covered on her back and wanted to immortalize it’s 1st phase.  We spent some time discussing body position, tested lighting and corrected what wasn’t working prior getting to the actual shooting.  We did 2 different body position with 2 different lighting setups.  This part of the shoot turned out to be my favorite part.  Not for the macho reasons everyone is probably suspecting but for the moment that was going on, for the vote of confidence Jenny gave me that I would not take advantage of the situation (photographically speaking) when she removed her shirt.  That part of the shoot lasted about 10 to 15 minutes where all the different compositions we did conveyed that feeling of serenity that was present int the room.

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  1. Vincent says:

    Superbe série Steph! Les photos de Jenny et de son tatouage sont vraiment formidables.

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