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Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Some of my locations were found totally by luck, sort of.  I always keep an eye opened when I move around.  Gems are often found in the unsuspected places.  I have seen this building thousands of time from the highway.  It looks boring as the only office tower in a cityscape populated with low height buildings.  On a trip to the new Purolator facility to pick up the headphones my son had just purchased and missed delivery, I had to take the road running behind the tower.  I had never seen it from that angle.  The image registered with me and knowing how fast Vaudreuil is developing, time was not playing in my favor.  Olivia had reached out to me after my shoot with Anouare, offering her modeling services if I ever had a project she could fit in.  Olivia currently works for a children party company and plays Disney’s princesses during weekends.  Seeing her in costumes is striking; she looks like the real thing.  When I saw her last Instagram princess photo, I knew what I wanted to do; I had the image in my head.

I was hoping for a heavy overcast day; something with some drama in the air.  Of course, given the incredible summer we have this year, not a cloud peeped in the sky…  It didn’t matter; I wanted to do the shoot anyway.  We met in a restaurant’s parking lot late afternoon.  Time would be rather short for us as the days are going shorter.  I initially thought we could do an urban oriented shoot before heading to the final location but decided to get ready and wait for the magic hour to happen rather than missing it.

Olivia had brought a variety of evening dresses.  We decided on the black dress with opened laced back and got into position.  The abundance of wild vegetation was limiting a bit our movement.  Setting up the lights was a challenge in itself.  There was so much dense grass, the light stands were having trouble reaching the firm ground.  Between each sets, I would flip the lights off and shoot some with Olivia standing in the warm August light quickly going down.  My hat’s off to Olivia for being able to look practically into the sun as we were shooting.  The warm light was turning her eyes bright with hues of orange which made them exceptionally looking.  Once we realised we had what we were looking for, Olivia changed into something a bit more casual and we continued shooting for the few remaining minutes of sunset fading in front of us.  By 8:15, the light had totally faded away and it was time to repack everything.

This was probably one of the best 2 hours shoot I could hope for.  Other than the sky letting us down, the light was perfect, the location was beautiful, the road traffic was nil, allowing us to sit in the middle of the road without risking our lives (kids, again, don’t do that; I should know better than sitting in the middle of the street…).  Locations like these are everywhere but we often fail to recognize them.  Finding them out is part of the creativity process.  We keep looking for the obvious while the rest lays unexploited.  This location is a vacant lot, waiting to be excavated to host another office building.  In the meantime, it is a vacant overgrown field no one cares you are walking on.  Next time you take that trip to the Puro building to pick up that package you were not fast enough to open the door for, keep looking.

Oh yeah, so where does the overcast sky, image in my head and working with a 1st class princess falls into this post?  Well, you didn’t really think I would put all the images into this post, did you?

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