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Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 11:44 pm

After a few attempts on project, Christel and I finally got to meet for a photoshoot.  We were planning to do an outdoor shoot in the fog last Fall, but the fog was too unpredictable.  Then we were supposed to shoot in the snow but it was either way too cold or we had scheduling problems.  We finally settled for a studio session.  Christel contacted a few people and assembled a team: Aimee Stojc (Makeup), Vincent Diplacido (hair), and Emilie Debonville (stylist).

Everyone knew what needed to be done.  Aimee did her makeup, then Emilie assembled 4 different outfits, Vincent did the hair while I was setting up the lights and different backdrops.  The rest ran like clockwork.  At the beginning of every set, I would take a couple of minutes to adjust my lights around to make sure my shadows were how I wanted them to be.  I also managed to fit a few natural light shots with the very soft light coming from the rainy sky.

The day before shooting, as I was packing my gears, I was tempted to bring a computer in the studio.  I wish I had.  Once I got back home and started to work on the photos, there were a few minor wardrobe details that I missed like when we were shooting against the rug and Christel’s top became folded.  Not the tragedy of the century but now this is all I can see in the photo.  After the fact I wished I had the computer on location so other might have caught it before it was too late.  I would have shot tethered to the computer and they would have been able to review the photos on the iPad as the shoot was progressing and call off the imperfections.  That is only a small number of photos that were affected but Christel was rocking that background and they are the only ones shot against it.

Overall, it was a great shoot.  Many images came out of those 4 different clothing styles Emilie put together and those 4 different hair styles Vincent crafted.  Aimee’s makeup was sublime and spot on what was needed.  I kept my lighting to a minimum effective setup with never more than 2 lights.  As always, every photoshoots come with their “I wish I had…”.  I will let you fill the blank.


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