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Posted on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 at 2:56 pm

I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. I never had any issue on Blogger. It is simply because I wanted to have a bit more control over the layout of the blog and easier access via different tools to it. WordPress has a better integration to social medias which is where I get the best reach so far.

I was happy to see I could import Blogger into WordPress. This way, all my previous content is still available. I still need to iron out a few details (like the lack of older post listing) but it is minor enough that I decided to do the switch now.

Ok, enough about the blog, this is about photography after all… Sometime back in July, the Lakeshore Camera Club organized a downtown Montreal field trip called “Shooting models in the street of Montreal”. Since I though it was an amazing idea from Peter Kelly, one of our Field Trip chair and given the logistics he had to work out for the project, I signed up.

It was probably one of the hottest day we had. For that reason, I traveled light. I had a couple of flashes but barely pulled them out since we were always on the move. During that day, I mostly worked with Jessika Dénommée. She had an amazing energy and patience (we were 10 photographers after all). Through the day, we were doing 5 or 6 stops in various location. I had the 1st session of the day and was that a disaster. Well, some shots were ok but nothing more than that. I realized that having a very cold start in very harsh lighting and having only 10 minutes is not my forte. Yeah yeah, I know… There must be 10X10 participants thinking “Well, what do you think to make us do in your competitions?”. It is not exactly the same thing although is sounds like it. The light conditions were simply painful to deal with. Imagine shooting a very dark penny in the snow in a very sunny winter day and trying to maintain details in both the highlights and shadows… And make sure the penny doesn’t start thinking you have no clue about what you are doing…

It was not all lost; I ended up with images I really like. I did all my post of Jessika in black and white. It helped a lot with the harsh highlights and after all, black and white looks better anyway, right?

Stephane Brazeau Photography

In the street with Jessika Denommée

In the street with Jessika Denommée

In the street with Jessica Denommée

In the street with Jessika Denommée

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