Posted on Sunday, June 24th, 2012 at 10:14 am

The last week was a bit hectic.  I can’t go into details but it was the kind of week making you wish you were going on vacations come Friday.  Instead, we were heading into a long weekend and I was the designated manager to be on call.  I typically do go far from home in these situations where I am required to maintain the umbilical cord between me and work.

A few days ago, I drove by some field being harvested and thought it could be nice to plan something in this type of environment before it gets too late.  A friend of mine rents the fields own by the Mont Rigaud ski hill to feed his livestock.  I took a look at his fields and realized the timer was already started; a few were already cut down.  He said he was planning on cutting the remaining on Saturday, the day we were shooting, which was leaving very little time.  I was looking for a late afternoon shoot which was even more risky as it increased the chances the crop could be laying on the ground by the time we would get there.

On Saturday morning, everything was ready.  I had also taught for alternate locations, just in case.  The phone rang at 10am.  I recognized the name on the call id and thought the field shoot was over.  Instead, Alain was telling me he was going to start harvesting a bit later than expected so I should be ok.  Sarah arrived early afternoon and we headed to the field quickly.

The field was nice and untouched; no scars from people walking in it made it look at its best.  We picked a spot near the edge of the field in order to avoid damaging too much what Alain was coming later to collect.  The sun was burning hot.  While setting up, I could already feel the sweat accumulating all over me while Sarah waited in the shade in order to avoid the same treatment which would result in shinny skin in the photos.  We shot for about an hour, going through 2 outfits.  We then moved to 1 of the alternate locations I had which is a very low traffic country road linking Très-St-Rédempteur and Rigaud.  Sarah was wearing a hippy chic looking outfit which suited very well for what we were going for.  The lack of trees in the near distance made the place breeze.  That was a nice change.   The sun was slightly moving lower and everything was falling into place.  Sarah was great in front of the camera and the images were turning very well.  After 30 minutes, we felt we had what we came for, packed and left.  The timing was just perfect, as we drove back toward my place, we passed by the field we shot in and saw it getting mulched by Alain.

It was nice for Sarah to drive all the way from the south shore of Montreal for a few hours.  I live around a very rich environment and I rarely use it.  Instead, many of my nature environments sessions are done in public parks in highly populated urban environments, away from my native town.  It is funny how we can often overlook home.

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