Gone for vacations

Posted on Sunday, August 5th, 2012 at 5:02 pm

One week through my vacations and I am on my 4th photoshoot.  Might sound weird but shooting is so far a good way not to think of work.  Back home, I always have that tendency to check my emails, thinking my return to work will be easier…  While I have the camera in my face, emails thoughts are getting ditched to the abyss.

I originally met Lisa-Marie when Victoria and I invaded the house of Victoria’s mother last year.  Victoria needed boudoir photos for her business and me, well…  I never say no to a location opportunity.  Lisa-Marie contacted me a couple of weeks ago and we were then set for a shoot.

I had visited this spot last winter for another shoot that did not happen in the end.  I still wanted to use it though.  We rendezvous on Ile Bizard, Qc and headed to the place.  This is a protected march and shooting in the afternoon would make us avoid the bird shooters squatting the place in the morning.  Shooting in the afternoon also comes with its challenges such as heat and heavy shadows.

Knowing the location you are heading into is a big advantage.  I had a good idea of how far we would have to walk to get there and how much gears I could haul.  When I started shooting people on location, I had a tendency to bring too many gears.  With time, you get to know what you will need and most of all; you get to know how to deal with without you left back home.  Can’t remember who said that but the gears you normally need are the one you did not bring.  Once you are aware of that, you either get more careful with what you strap on your shoulders, or you do with what you have.  I still have photos from many years ago, when all I had was a now crappy camera body and cheap kit lens and I am still happy with the results.  No reasons I can’t do the same thing today with a few better gears.  For the 1st location, all I brought was the camera bag, a couple of hotshoe flash, a couple of light stands, a softbox and umbrella.

The sun was hard.  I was visible in Lisa-Marie’s face.  I could also feel it on the back of my neck.  The boardwalk was following the path of the sun rays.  This is the situation where knowing when you got the best shot you can get is valuable.  No needs to keep pushing on the spot you are standing in.  Doing so will eventually burn everyone.  We worked fast, trying to nail the shot.  During this time, in my mind, I was already thinking about the next location.  Spending time under this heat wondering where to shoot next is not helpful either.  We eventually got off the burning hot marsh and headed into the comfort of the shades.  I would have liked to shoot in the high grass but my now trained eye immediately spotted the dreadful poison ivy leaves covering the ground.  Wanting to remain in good terms with Lisa-Marie, we stayed on the road.

The last set was shot on the water shore.  Vince had shot there a couple of times and it looked good.  It was a bit early in the day for us but by positioning the flash, I was able to get results I was looking for.

Through the afternoon, Lisa-Marie ran through 3 outfits.  She had brought a few more but the idea was to pick kits that would work with the backgrounds.  We shot for a couple of hours, a couple of hours where no emails were popping in my head, a couple of hours where I was gone for vacations.



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