Falling down the hole

Posted on Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 11:02 pm

A few years back, I met a photographer on Prince-Edward Island who was shooting entirely through pinholes and 4X5 film. Her photography had a stunning ethereal look. It got me curious about the equipment used. I built a wooden 35mm but the experienced ended up to be so frustrating; I lost count of how many rolls of film were wasted and in the end, I could not properly expose any of the frames… I then saw those manufactured camera covers with an aluminum insert. I thought this would be the right solution at this point.

I bought the adapter 2 years ago and put it on a shelf after trying it. What a deception it was. The results were nowhere near the image quality I had seen before. There is not much to set with these adapter: no focus, no aperture, no zoom, only ISO and shutter speed. I realize now that this adapter is very dependent on the light quality coming in and the post processing.

Shooting with a pinhole makes you realize how dirty your digital sensor is as every specks of dust on it show as little doughnuts. Larger specks will show sharper. I decided not to remove them all in post; it was close to impossible. Instead, I thought it would look more like an old scanned image, which is as far I think this adapter can go.

Might be something to concentrate on this summer and fine tune. More light will be falling down the hole soon.

Pinhole - 01

Pinhole - 02

Pinhole - 03

Pinhole - 04

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