Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 at 4:48 pm

I have been rather quiet these past few weeks.  The weather is starting to shift toward the sub-zeros.  We had a relatively warm fall but winter is now settling in.  I have one more shoot planned outside for now next week then I will need to turn back to the studios.

It was my very 1st encounter with Chastity, although we have been active Facebook friends for a while now.  Chastity contacted me, looking for photos slightly different from what she normally shoots.  We were looking to do a few backlit sunset photos but October can present a fairly big challenge; sunsets do not last forever.  The window of opportunity is quite small.  Through a few clouds in the mix and the whole thing becomes chaotic.

I typically try to avoid shooting in same places I shot before but this time, I was willing to overlook that rule.  I needed some place where I would be facing west with a rather clean background.  The Rene Levesque Park was perfect as it is also sitting between my work place and Chastity’s.  I wanted to go with natural light as much as possible.  Eventually, the flash needed to come out.  We got lucky with the wind as it was blowing toward the sun, reducing the number of crazy hair flowing in her face.  The entire shoot (seen here) was done standing in one place.  Given we had very limited sun time; we needed to avoid losing time walking around.

The shoot lasted no more than an hour and a half.  It had been about a month since my last shoot, quite a change from the hectic shooting schedule I had earlier this year.  I am far from giving up on photography; it is still deep within my DNA.


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