Coming together

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 9:55 pm

I had just finished Christel shoot.  I had Genevieve booked about 30 minutes later to allow some rest and dinner time but we had stretched Christel’s a little.  While waiting for Genevieve to arrive, I reset the place to make sure we would be able to start shooting quickly.

I had never worked with Genevieve but I knew her work from other shoot I noticed her in such as Marcus Freedman’s, Beethoven Saintiche’s, and Alexandre Huppertz’s.  I am a big fan of their art and being contacted by Genevieve for a shoot made me feel good about my photography.  It is not that I lack confidence but over the past few years I have experiment a lot, attended workshops with Freeman Patterson on composition and visual impact, followed CreativeLive web workshops on posing, read and tested techniques on Photoshop and Lightroom, attended a personal lighting workshop at with Josh Jones, and I am starting to see it coming together now.

After Aimee did another stunning makeup, Genevieve and I were left alone to shoot for the evening.  I still had that full day with Christel in mind (and in the body) and was a little bit concern that I might have planned a little bit too much.  My fear was to basically simply repeat the same thing I had done earlier during the day.  I would have felt like a serial shooter.  Instead, I sat down, looked around, looked at the outfits, agreed on one to start with and started slowly.  It took 2 shots to realise this would be easy.  It would have taken one if I had not goofed my camera settings in the 1st shot.  Genevieve was a gem in front of the lens and I simply had to enjoy the ride.  Her poses were in line with what I shoot for which got the flow going.  Once in a while we would take a break, chat a bit about bad photographers who don’t send photos after a TF shoot or about the fact that country music does not always suck, look at a different background, and shoot again.  We worked for about 3 and a half hours, ran through all the outfits and backgrounds, tried different lighting techniques in their simplest forms.  Between each outfit, I would go through the images captured, which I rarely do, to make sure the fatigue was not making me do rooky mistakes.  Everything was right.

Once done, I repacked the studio, responded to my emails received during the days as I was posting images all day long from the 2 shoots I had just done, and too a last look at what was captured during the day to finish with the same feeling that everything was coming together.

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  1. Vincent says:

    Stunning work! Light, composition, editing. All most professional!

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