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Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

It’s funny.  I was watching Andy and Mikey from Lighten up and shoot the other day on CreativeLive.  They were explaining that they get some of their business by walking around, armed with business cards, taking pictures of people and given them their contact info.  24 hours later, they send the taken picture to the person.  A few of photographed people might eventually contact them back for a job or refer them to acquaintances.  A few weeks back, I was volunteering for the 15th Grande Séance and as I was going to a meeting, I noticed a model, posing against a glass wall.  She was standing between me and the abundant outdoor light, you know, worse possible lighting conditions.  I raised the camera and snapped a few frames.  A couple of days later, I sent her the photo which ended up being used as representation by her modeling company.  I guess, like Andy and Mikey, the initial contact was made.

Léonie and I contacted each other’s last week.  Léonie was looking for an outdoor shoot and she was available to travel over to my place.  After making a few calls, sending a few scouting pictures and discussing wardrobe, we met outside my place and headed off to the Mont Rigaud.

I had access to a field offering different options: trees, high grass, hay bales, river and wide open sky.  After this location, Leonie and I headed off to a water shore where we could shoot in both a forest environment and on a rustic beach.

The wardrobe discussion we had was primordial.  The 2 locations were totally different one from the other.  It was important to keep that in mind when picking up the outfits to avoid repetitions.  Too often too little attention is put of these details and you end up with images where the model does not seem to belong in the environment.  Wardrobes are the best way to diversify a photoshoot.  After a while, you can start feeling like you have gone around a location and run out of ideas.  A quick clothing change and your view on the location transforms.    It gives a new dynamic to the session and a better variety of images.  The shoot we did included 4 clothing changes with 2 locations.  In the end, Léonie and I ended up with 4 different type of images.  4 different styles from the same session that could be included in one portfolio, giving the impression 4 different photoshoots took place.  I think it is an added value on the time spent for both of us.

We spent a little more than 3 hours in total.  This is the shoot I have been able to pull the most final frames from which I find impressive given the fact that this was the 1st real photoshoot we were doing together, going from the romantic looking in the woods to the hot bikini girl in the water.

Keep in mind options when planning a photoshoot.  Keep it dynamic.  It will benefit everyone.

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