All you need is 4 walls and a ceiling

Posted on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Anna-Maria contacted me last Fall.  She was preparing her university application in theater for which she not only needed the classic headshots but also images showing her versatility as an actress.

The difficult part was scheduling everything and everyone.  For her shoot, Maria-Anna had her makeup artist and hair stylist.  Take their schedules in consideration, then add Maria-Anna’s schedule and mine, get that to match with the studio’s availability and it gets complicated quickly.  The other factor was that Maria-Anna and I live not really far from each other’s, away from Montreal where I normally rent my studio.  I then thought of finding an alternate location; something closer and wide enough to have room for a few different backgrounds.

Luckily enough, Maria-Anna is also a dance teacher.  The company she works for has a few dance studios and agreed to lend her one for the day.  We ended up shooting in 3 of their studios plus in the lobby against a deep red wall.

In terms of setups, I had to keep them relatively simple.  We only had a few hours to shoot and moving multiple lights around by myself would not have been really efficient.  I started off using 2 lights and as the shoot progressed, I abandoned one.

This was the 1st shoot of the year.  To mark this, I decided to sit down for a while and rethink the logo I have been using online.  I looked back at the few favorite shots I took last year and redraw another logo based on a background I used.  We will see if it sticks around.  I am not a big fan of logos applied on images as they tend to draw attention to them rather than on the subject.

Zack Arias said that.  “You have 4 walls and a ceiling, you have yourself a studio”.   Once again, he was right.









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