3rd time’s the charm.

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 7:07 pm

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get concept shots going.  So many people to schedule, weather to be considered, not always easy.


Back in May, Naiia and I were in the same building for a shoot.  I had work twice with Eva, her sister.  Eva actually recommended me for Naiia’s project.  We briefly introduced ourselves and spoke about the project from a 10000 ft high point of view.  The project was simple enough as long we could find the right location to do it in.  Naiia wanted to add 12 photos to her portfolio, done by 12 different photographers.  Each photos would be representing a zodiac symbol.  I got Aries.


We were originally supposed to shoot in Rigaud.  The mountain just in front of my house is basically a big pile of rocks, perfect to have a ram representing figure to stand on.  Easy enough.  After a few weeks (well, really months) of figuring when it would be possible to do it and the right period of the day, the weather decided to be a pain.  We needed a day with no rain.  Guess what was called for on the weather channel?  On 2 occasions, we had to postponed.  The 2nd time we postponed, I started to have doubts about the concept.  I needed a sunset hitting a wall of rock and this is exactly what I have right here; a big wall of rock facing west.  It started to be imperative to think about plan B.


Later on, I did a shoot with Abla on Mount Royal.  Although I was traveling light, the battery pack, camera back, light stands and modifiers were killing my shoulders while we were looking for a location to shoot.  This turned to be great.  My lack of determination to carry that stuff far from the parking lot leads me to find a spot where there was a very nice rock.  Ok, it was not quite the same thing as the wall of rock I had in mind originally but still, it would probably do the trick.


The issue I was getting with that rock though was the lack of any possible sunset hitting it. (or Naiia for that matter) as it is sitting flat in the middle of the woods.  I would have to opt for an artificial golden warm sunset brought to you by AA batteries.


Naiia, Nisha and I met on Mount Royal last week around 11:30 am, walked toward the rock, talked about how the shot would be taken, how it would be lit and what image we needed Naiia to pull out.  I was a little nervous because all I had in mind was the original images I imagined pulling out of the Rigaud Mountain.  Although these images never existed, I was competing against them.


In the end, I really like the images we were able to pull from there.  I think my artificial sun setting down worked and Naiia and I were able to pull images that could stand solid next to the 11 other photographer’s work.  I am glad to have committed to this project although the few set backs we faced.  The project was great, well thought and executed perfectly by Naiia.  Fe;t like hitting the ball to the far field after 2 strikes.

** For the record, these were not real horns.  A few kids walking by looked at Naiia and then one dared asking the question.  The little girl looked relived by the answer.

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