3rd annual LCC Strobist meeting

Posted on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

I have been an active member of the Lakeshore Camera Club for the past 3 years. I joined so I could get in physical contact with other amateur photographers and quickly got involved in the club’s mechanic. I have to say I have a very understanding wife who minds only once in a while that I throw that many hours toward other people, especially when I told her I stepped up to fill the VP position last year.

Last year, I helped organizing the 2nd annual LCC Strobist meeting, held at La Sucrerie de la Montagne. We had a great time shooting both indoor and outdoor. A few weeks back, while sitting at Kelly’s pub in Pointe-Claire (for some reasons, everything seems to start there for me…), Derrick Hanni and Drew Patterson, two of the club’s execs, pointed out to me that the LCC season was almost over and we did not have a Strobist meeting yet. The psychological eye wink I received then made obvious the real question was “Where are we going this year?”.

Back in April, I had a taste of what Studio4Fun had to offer on Lenoir Street during their Grande Séance. I got in touch with Hai Au Bui, founder of Studio4Fun to see if it would be possible to use one of their studio spaces for the 3rd annual LCC Strobist meeting. We ended up renting the St-Hubert Street studio, a 2200 sq.ft shell, large enough to contain our Strobist oriented members such as Victoria DeMartigny, Vincent Lamoureux and Derrick Hanni. The location was simply awesome and perfect for this type of event. You walk in there and feel like you own the place.

We had 6 permanent shooting space on the main floor, 3 against backdrops and 3 against the brick walls, and 2 setups in the basements. We had 17 photographers and 12 models passing through during the day. A lot of flashes tripping, batteries depleting, memory cards filling and people having fun.

Kate Allan - 04

Alexandra Duchainy - 01

Ellen Dunbar-Lavoie - 01

Shanelle Dupuis - 05

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