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Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 at 11:36 am

Yesterday, we visited Marie-Maude Grenier at her new store on Sherbrooke street called Melons et Clémentines.  M&C is the 1st breastfeeding consultation store in Montreal, aiming to help mothers (and fathers) though the firsts months of existence of their new born.  Along with consultations, they also provide a café area where parents can meet, a play area for the babies to socialize and a clothing and accessories section (including hot lingerie – told you there was something for dads too), all aimed for new moms.  The constant traffic in the store shows the necessity of such places in many people’s first steps in parenthood.  M&C was funded a few months ago by Marie-Maude Grenier and Renée Boudreau, her business partner.  Melons et Clémentines is located on 5659 Sherbrooke West, between Oxford and Harvard.

As a gift, my wife pulled out an old 4X6 taken 8 years ago.  She asked me if I could do something with it and get it framed.  That was taken on the cheapest kind of film (probably bulk packages from Cosco), printed on mat paper from Loblaw and the request was to “make it big”…

Make it big…

Not obvious when making it big makes also the mat texture goes big.  The picture was out of focus on the eye so I had to treat the images with that in mind (remember, shot on film, no screens at the back of the camera to look at the images and price tag attached to each shutter activation so yes, there are out of focus pictures in my old stuff…).

I am happy with the results.  This is Sarah Enya, our youngest child.  She was the most complicated kid to have.  With 3 interrupted pregnancies between her and her brother (one after 17 weeks, 36 weeks and 7 weeks), we ended up in the doctor’s office every months for checkups and hospital every weeks for hearth monitoring for the final 3 months.  When she was born, that was a relief.  That marked a major milestone in the family, one that for 4 years long seemed unreachable

8 years ago

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  1. Morrie says:

    Steph, nice blog! Are those your photos on the walls of the store?

  2. Tara M says:

    The photographer is Natacher Silber.

    The photos look great in the store!! Thanks for posting about M&C. It’s my favorite place to go with my baby!!

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