No Sleep

Years back, while in high-school, I was having a discussion with an art teacher of mine about insomnia. He was having frequent insomnia episode but instead of lying in bed, waiting for morning to come, he was using the moment to tap into something he would never be able to get into. Working at night when your surroundings are asleep is quite different than working alone in broad day light. There is a much greater sense of being alone, making all boundaries fall.

Over the past few years, I tried to apply what the art teacher was telling me about and instead of lying dead in my bed until morning to get up with a sense of time lost, I would go downstairs, look at all my images that I never found a way to make them work as they were intended and get to it.

03:45 No Sleep from The Cardigans has been a long time favorite of mine to listen to while shooting and post processing at night. I finally got to put images on top of the track.


The last of the fall

I normally shoot a lot during the Fall season. Not the warm colors from the trees turning red, orange and yellow but the tonalities created by the November cloudy skies’ light coming through the naked trees on a brown carpet of dead leafs. I missed the season this year. I found a very nice spot yesterday in the mountain, down a very steep hill that I thought I should go back to next weekend. Got up this morning and there was snow on the ground; more to come during the week. I just don’t know the terrain enough to climb down that hill with my gears in the snow.

I guess the front yard shots might be the last of the Fall.

Frost 5

Frost 1

Frost 2

Frost 3

Frost 4